by Jean Claude Vanderfield

Sculpture, media-upcycled and found metal objects

price   $2500

This young beauty stands at 40 inches tall by 27 inches deep and 15 inches wide.  Created as the protector of the innocent sea life!  She was created to depict the capabilty within the human heart to love and respect our seas, the life that lives in and around them, and love for our beautiful Earth, as well as to show the good hope that future generations will have the conscience and respect for the life around them enough to care for and cultivate a loving relationship with the beautiful gifts we have in the environment around us.  She is coming out of debris and clutter, carrying a vulnerable young seaturtle into the safety of a new beautiful future of hope.  If you would like to give her and her little friend a good home, feel free to contact us.  

Price  $2500

Each sale keeps me working at taking more clutter from our environment and giving it new purpose and beauty!  Thank you!


by Jean Claude Vanderfield  

Media-Upcycled and found metal objects

This Spectacular sea creature measures 3 feet across, nearly 30 inches deep and stands over 2 feet tall!   A fantastic collection of a wide variety of metal items were carefully placed into the winding eight arms and body of this curious creature. 

                                        Price  $3750

*Note: This piece was entered into the 6th Annual Top Choice Exhibit at the SOBO Gallery in Winter Gardens where it won first place in the 3D art category (far left photo above).  It will  be available  July 28th after the exhibit closes.  However, you can still purchase the piece through the gallery.  

Feel free to contact them through this link.   wgart.org

F4F Fighter Plane Lamp 


This beautiful piece is not only unique , but made from a rare piece of a Navy ship sonar array.  $3500

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Scorpion Garden Art

This cool guardian of the garden

is about five feet long and is made of an old plow as a base.  


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Angler Fish​


More fish to come! Pricing starts

at $650

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   Measuring almost 5 feet in length, this awesome predator is a great addition to any garden, lawn, garage, or business front! 

                Price  $595

This giant scorpion started with a vintage plow as his base, then acquired a vintage wagon wheel steel rim.  You may notice the old sawmill blade across his back, or the cool antique oil can for a stinger tip!  Car parts, old pulleys and chain, and other salvaged parts were carefully put together to create this beautiful work.  You can own him today!  He stands just over 2 feet high and is nearly 3 feet wide!  One of a kind!  (PHOTO on far left was before legs were completed, Right 2 photos are complete photos)  Can deliver to central Florida area!

We accept most major credit cards as well as Square POS secure payment and PayPal.  If you see a sculpture you are interested in, you can contact us directly by calling (615)648-3186 or emailing a request for details at jeanclaudevanderfield.com  we can carefully deliver local in Central Florida most times for free or a minor charge depending on the distance.  Some items will be listed on our Etsy store as well, motionmetalart.   I also make commissioned art pieces and am very happy to work with you in making something especially for your need.   Thanks for looking!  Happy shopping.  Enjoy the art!

NOTE:  Demand has been very high for sculptures in recent months, which I am very grateful for,  and I have sold out regularly.  However, I am working to build an inventory of various pieces, so keep checking this page if you don't see something to your taste!  We are planning a new studio soon that will allow  improved production of pieces and allow us to deliver or ship sculptures domestically and internationally more efficiently!  Thank you for your patronage and patience!  -Jean Claude


1940's F4F Fighter Plane style lamp made from a salvaged Navy ship sonar array lead foil!!  $3500

                    "Spirit"  Horse bust sculpture     SOLD

This wonderful sculpture found a loving  home at the SOBO gallery with the Winter Garden Art Association in downtown Winter Garden, Florida.  

    Located at 127 S. Boyd Street, the beautiful gallery selected the sculpture, "Spirit", to be part of their permanent exhibit during their wonderful "Flower Power" show the month of April.  They regularly feature many talented artists in their  gallery, it's always a joy to visit and experience the diversity and enrichment that they bring to the community!    Drop by and see the amazing artworks, and even see a nearly 5-foot long mechanical scorpion up close among the exhibits!  


 If you are in the area, their gallery is a definite must-see!   Not only is the gallery actively involved in programs that help youths and adults alike throughout the community, but you'll find they are about as friendly and helpful as they come!  You'll be glad you stopped by!  We need more people and places like this in our world! 

To meet their fantastic hard-working dedicated directors, staff, and volunteers, go by and see them! Their positive and selfless attitude is contagious!

  To see all the incredible things they do for our community and artists, click on this link:


More to come as we create......

This page will be updated as we add sculptures that are available to buy.  Or, you can favorite our shop on Etsy, Motionmetalart, and get updates when new items become available.  Happy shopping!!

NOTICE:  Due to selling out of current pieces, I am working hard to get more items on the market.  Thank you for

your patience and for all the  supportive and appreciative clients who have made it a challenge to keep up with demand!  You keep me doing what I love for which I am extremely grateful!  More pieces to be available soon! 

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