1940's F4F Wildcat style lamp with moving prop!

At the heart of this 1940's Navy Wildcat plane sculpture, is a rare Navy towed sonar array foil, once used to pull sonar equipment behind a ship.  It has been repurposed as this incredible truly one of a kind sculpture and lamp.  You'll probably never see another one like this anywhere else in the world due to the rarity of finding the Navy foil depressor and added to the fact it has been carefully crafted into a beautiful vintage Navy plane sculpture.  The value of this piece will only increase over the years.  It comes with a remote for the underwing low profile LED lights that can be dimmed and turned off or on by the handheld remote.  They can even turn themselves off after you go to sleep.  The propellor is driven by a small high torque motor and spins at a chill 20rpms, and can be turned off by a seperate switch in the lamp post.  More pictures below.

price   $3500.00

contact at jeanclaudevanderfield.com or call at (615)648-3186

Dimensions are 63" overall height, 42" width and 41" length

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Made with upcycled galvanized electrical conduit as a fuselage and propeller blades, a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Driveshaft for the lamp post, salvaged automotive brake rotors for a base, stainless kitchen chair pieces and more upcycled metal objects, this plane looks ready to take off!