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"FATHOM" Shark and sealife sculpture made from 1956 chevrolet truck fender/hood and salvaged metal objects!  Incredible shark sculpture measures 6 feet long and is accompanied by several pilotfish, a lobster made from silverware, and an octopus made from an old wine rack and motorcycle taillight, and even a starfish and corals.  Beautiful piece would look great next to windows overlooking water or near an aquarium.  Shipping is local pickup only unless arrangements are made for cargo transport at purchaser's expense.  

NO DELIVERY CHARGES TO LOCATIONS IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA!! (Delivery charges are waived if item is to be delivered to locations in the state of Florida.)

"Heart of Water"



"Heart of Water" is a beautiful sculpture of the innocence of a young girl with a heart for saving precious sea life.  Life size and made completely from salvaged and scrap metals, this elegant piece would light up any home with it's beauty, detail, and unique style.  "Heart of Water" was installed in River Grille Restaurant in Ormond Beach,FL  by the talented George Rovira of 4 Course Consultants, Clermont, FL .    If you are ever in the area, drop by to take a look at this piece and enjoy some delicious food and drink!




"INTELLIGENTES OCTO" is a beautiful assembly of a wide variety of salvaged metals combined to create flow and detail that well represents the elegant complexity and beauty of our octopus friend.  Piece measures 30" wide, 27" high and 26" deep.  The deep colors produced from the artist's heat-treating process, combined with the varies types of metals like copper, brass, and steel of various composition, makes for a piece that will keep the eye's attention for many hours!  The base is attached to the octopus and has standoffs underneath that allow it to sit comfortably on a 16" square surface or larger.  This piece has a unique "wet look" to it as it is first sealed with a penetrative corrosion inhibitor, and then sealed with a high gloss 2-part epoxy coating.  Truly a one-of-a-kind piece that will last for decades to come!

More work to come!

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