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We'll be adding more photos of artwork in progress and exhibited pieces as we get opportunity to upload them for your viewing!  So keep checking back, we're always adding on!   

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6th Annual Top Choice Exhibit SOBO Gallery!

We are very happy to say that one of our latest creations, "Intelligentes Octo"  won the Top Choice Award in 3D art category !    Come see the fine collection and wonderful team at Winter Garden Art Association SOBO Gallery in Winter Garden!  

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Octopus art, Jean Claude Vanderfield, Scrap Metal Art, Recycling, Upcycled art, Sea art

This cool Angler Fish is a convenient desk lamp with a flexible light!  It all started with a salvaged classic motorcycle tank, and grew into this ferocious deep sea predator! 

Scrap Metal Becomes an Automated Dragon!

    This automated dragon is made from all scrap metal and found parts.  Most of the body, wings, and scales are composed of old chafing dish lids.  His back spikes are made from an old rusty corn hulling chain. 

      You'll find old bicycle rims extending the wings in and out, various car parts moving them forward and backward, motorcycle salvaged parts for a tail and legs, and even the mechanism that moves all the features is from a 1960's  sewing machine found by the road combined with an automobile window motor, an old ammo box, and some pieces of wood as cams. 

    It's wonderful to know these parts won't be littering our environment, but will have a wonderful new life as a roaring, smoke-breathing, talking dragon!

Animated flying owl sculpture

This mechanical marvel is made from a car coil spring, welded to a scrapped satellite dish post as a base.  Old electrical conduit and pieces of reinforcement bar make up the roots and tree parts.  Junk internal computer housing parts were cut into pieces which made the leaves.  When put under extreme heat, the pieces formed beautiful indigo, cobalt blue, amber, silver, and raspberry colored leaves.  The wings of the owl are made from an old zinc wash tub basin, the body is constructed from many parts of salvaged sewing machines, old tools, clamps, bicycle sprockets, roofing nails, reinforcement bar,old door hardware, scrap metal parts found walking along Orange Blossom Trail picking up litter here in central Florida, and too many other things to remember!  The moving head is made from an old light fixture base, and has glowing eyes set inside old car wheel bearing races, welded to bicycle bearings from a rusty old bicycle.  It's all animated by a garage door opener motor.  This was the first wing design that moved with two pivot points, giving it smoother motion.  

This wonderful nearly 7-foot tall Velociraptor Dinosaur was exhibited at Daytona Turkey Run,  Mount Dora Extravaganza, and Mount Dora Industrial and Steampunk show.  Weighing in at near 300 lbs and a total length from nose to tail of 14 feet makes him an attraction wherever he goes.  This piece is now being installed in a restaurant in downtown Boston, Mass. 

He is carefully constructed from a boat anchor, salvaged automobile parts, motorcycle parts, upcycled kitchen utensils, moped and scooter parts, old rusty tools from the 40's,  a thrown away exercise machine, bicycle rims, hubs, and frames, and much more, even an antique pie server!

From left to right...Sometimes ideas comes in smaller sizes too!  Like this little owl and snail under a tree.  This piece ended up having a clock mechanism installed.  Its made from bike sprockets, gears, washers, ball bearings, an axle bearing, and scraps of metal. Take a look at this the owl made from butterknives, spoons, forks, and other scraps, a smaller but very unique piece.  It's still in the process of being finished as of this photo. 

Iron Will, the piece I named my company after.  More about him below, but top right you see him at the Mount Dora SteamPunk and Industrial Show about to ride away into the sunset! ( But, not before another photo opportunity!)

Iron Will the bike-riding rocket-powered robot!

Iron Will, the very first piece I made.  He still has a lot more parts that were added after this picture, including a bicycle pump integrated into his right leg that pumps "steam" out of his rocket pack as he pedals the bike, chains that move the arms, more decorative parts for his feet and legs, and an old fashioned lantern on his bike to guide him with a flickering light inside.  He's made from hundreds of pieces of scrap metal and his feet actually do pedal the bicycle. Will stands 6 feet and 2 inches tall, not including the hat.   I used my own body as a model to get the length of the arms, legs, and height more accurate.  He was exhibited at the SteamPunk and Industrial Show in Mount Dora  where a new owner purchased him and has displayed him in shows from Florida to Maine.

His speedy rusty bike was headed to the landfill, but we saved it before it went away and gave Will a cool ride! 

 It would literally take a half hour just to sit down and try to recall all the different parts that went into Will, and we'd probably still forget some.  He has a huge variety of reclaimed materials, including wine bottle opener, an old car horn button, olive tongs, van driveshafts, logging chain, lawn mower parts, light fixtures, coffee can, windshield wiper arms, fence wire, an old bench press stand, exhaust pipes from cars, found wrought iron chairs, salvaged commercial dishwasher parts, old gauges, a broken welder, and so much more!  He took months to create and was a delight to see come together the entire process.

A view of the chest and inner workings.....


Mount Dora, Florida


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