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"So many old bicycles, car parts, motorcycle parts, household appliances, and other scrap metal parts or machines end up in our landfills, or are dumped by the roadside or into our oceans by  people that may not understand or care about the impact their actions have on our environment.  As an example, the above owl face is made from old bicycle bearings, a tossed out napkin holder, an old truck wheel bearing set, and pieces of iron lawn chairs, all items that would normally be tossed out.   As an artist that appreciates the great beauty all around us, this was something that I immediately knew this form of art could start to have a positive effect on.  The more that people see ways to beneficially re-purpose what we normally throw away, the less waste will we find in our environment.  Loving what you do is a delightful way to work.  Being able to benefit others and our environment is even better!"    -  Jean Claude Vanderfield


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